The article helps you to delete and clear the cookies. Want to know what are cookies? Then just stay connected. Cookies are basically small files that the website keeps on the computer in order to gather and store information’s and data about the preferences depending on you. The advantage of this is that the Cookies can allows you to remember the sites that you use on regular basis or it can also help you to avoid the signing in each time you open the page when you go on the official site. The disadvantage could be that your computer might be at risk by tacking the sites that you visit regularly.

These small files are harmless mostly but the only risk factor is that the entire detail of what you do, which site you visit, any other personal data, all these don’t remain private anymore. In order to avoid these issues, you need to clear or delete the cookies. You can also block them.

There is different method of clearing the browser cookies. It is far most important to delete and manage these small files. Generally, it happens that when you visit a website, the temporary internet files gets stored in the computer. The regular files can be used faster but the disk space of the computer gets clogged and it’s always advisable to clean or block and manage cache, cookies, browser history and footprints.

clear cookies

How to clear cookies?

If you want the information to be stored on the computer and do not want to clear it, you can go ahead by blocking it. All you need to do is just block it. Once done, it might happen that few pages would not be displayed regularly or even a message might come from the site asking you to allow the cookies to view that site. It all depends on the particular site you use. Clearing can also help you to navigate the internet and the speed also increases.

There are different ways of clearing options depending upon the site you use using different procedures. The privacy online can be protected by you and there are basically two kind of cookies, the regular text browser and flash. Usually, the text browser ones are deleted by the users and the flash ones are kept like that and there is no need to clear the flash ones too. There is no risk for your computer anyhow.

How to delete cookies in Internet explorer:

Internet Explorer at once was the top most browser in the market and was installed inbuilt in every gadget available.  If you still like using the internet explorer, follow these few steps to clear the small files:

Go to the start option and then click on the control panel displayed on the screen. Then double click on the internet options and once you do it, go to the general Tab and delete the temporary files, history, cache, cookies, saved passwords and then finally click on the delete option displayed.

After that, a dialogue box appears asking you to delete the browsing history and then click on the button that appears on the bottom and then automatically the page opens to the internet properties dialog box. Clock ok and the small files are deleted. Hence, the process of deleting cookies in internet explorer is completed.

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