Facebook is considered as one of the best social networking website on the internet which is most popular among internet users in terms of keeping communicating with their friends or family members. Apart from this some people uses it for their business promotions, today’s article is helpful for both kind of people. Because in this article we are going to talk about all facebook image size for profile, banners for wall updates size etc also.

It (timeline) seems to be one of the best features introduced by Facebook and for Facebook users it is essential to know about recommended settings for these things. Today In this article we are going to share size dimensions for all kind of Facebook timeline related things and I am pretty much sure that you will find these size dimensions useful for you.


Why using recommended size for profile picture?

Before we are going to get started, first we should need to know why we should need to use recommended size for profile pictures? Do you have any idea?  I guess most of people are not aware about this thing. Actually there are some size limits by Facebook and if you upload some image which is less than size recommended by Facebook, then your image will either be not uploaded or not look perfectly. Now that’s the main reason why we use recommended size profile pictures on our timeline.

So if you are facing any issue with your profile picture, I mean if it is not giving some kind of good look or not looking clear then you should need to use recommended sized picture on your profile. Also if you are interested in joining the Facebook profile picture along with Facebook cover, then you can do it through using trickedouttimeline which seems to be pretty interesting tool.

Sizes for Facebook Profile, Banners and FB Cover Photos

For better performance and easier to setup, Facebook recommends their uses to use some kind of recommended size pictures, so you must have idea about all these size limits. Most of the people are not aware of these things and it is essential for them to know about these dimensions. If you want to know about size dimensions, then you should need to check out the recommended size dimensions for Facebook that you can start using from this year.

Sizes for Facebook Profile

  • Recommended size for Cover photo = 851 x 315
  • Profile picture size = 180 x 180
  • Shared image size = 504 in width with varied height
  • App image on timeline size Is 111 x 74
  • Photo section area thumbnails are 105×105
  • Shared link size 484×252 (recommended 1200×628)


Facebook also recommends their uses to use JPG format image/picture files so that you can better results than using PNG format file. For better understanding you can check out this picture shared below:

So this is all about the recommended banner size, timeline photo size, video sharing size, profile picture size and facebook cover photo size dimensions. Now it will be easier for you to create your own unique image of these sizes for better results on Facebook.


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